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Engineered Design Services USA

Engineered Design Services is a building systems consulting and engineering firm that provides quality comprehensive Professional Mechanical Engineering Services.

We specialize in the design of mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. These systems include Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy, Power, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Environmental Systems.

We provide consulting, engineering, construction administration, CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services for a varied clientele in the health care, research, commercial, retail, environmental, institutional, municipal and industrial markets.

Engineered Design Services also provides quality building systems design and construction support services for Architects, Consulting Engineers, and Contractors.

We work closely with the architects, building owners, building engineers, facility managers, developers, and contractors to provide the most effective and economical engineered solutions for projects large and small, simple or complex, new or renovation.

USA Tel: 323-319-5890
Canada Tel: 519-686-0777
Fax: 519-686-0773

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The Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (State of the Industry)


When organizations analyze whether business process outsourcing (off shoring) is a viable alternative, they typically evaluate the benefits and risks of moving part or all of their IT operations overseas.

A checklist on the qualifications of a competitive provider:

1. Infrastructure must be in place. High-speed and reliable communication is available.

2. Staff must be qualified. They have the base and the skills. This includes language skills.

3. Lower Cost, Higher Productivity, Better Quality

Despite anti-off shoring (business process outsourcing) sentiments in the US, Europe and Australia, the unrelenting trend to outsource to offshore countries like the Philippines, etc. will continue as the term "offshore" become associated with mainstream service delivery in the future.


Emerging business process outsourcing (off shoring) hotspots are the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and Brazil.

The key determinants of country success: University graduates, government-supported corporate campuses, business law supporting intellectual property and general business practices, telecom maturity, critical mass of certified suppliers and personnel, local labor rates for skilled and unskilled people, knowledge that exists within the people.

The Philippines features six key information technology sectors - business process outsourcing, animation, data transcription, security and privacy, software application development, and engineering and design.

The industry owes its phenomenal growth mainly to lower operating costs as compared to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Labor costs here are one-fifths lower than those in the U.S. and Europe. The average starting basic pay of a Filipino is only $250, excluding night differentials.

The Filipino's proficiency in English and high level of IT skills give them an edge over other Asian competitors. The Philippines is ranked as the third largest English-speaking nation in the world.

We have a skilled labor force of 29 million and a literacy rate of 94%. META Group, Inc., a leading provider of information technology research, advisory services, and strategic consulting, ranks the Philippines 14th out of 48 countries in terms of the availability of IT skills locally.

The quality of education in the tertiary level is patterned after western style. Filipinos are the most westernized of all the Asian cultures. The form of government, the legal system, as well as the accounting system of the country are patterned after those of the U.S. Even Philippine television is rich with programs from America and Europe.

Our exposure to western culture is broad and deep. This gives Filipinos the capacity to empathize and understand the needs of the customers from the other side of the globe.

The Philippines occupies a strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a gateway of international shipping and air transport. We are only a few hours away from other Asian capitals such as Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, and Seoul. We are a critical entry point to over 500 million ASEAN market. Major airlines, courier service providers, and air cargo companies hold offices in the country.

The government also offers fiscal incentives for companies located in IT zones. Contact centers depend a lot on Information & Communication Technology (ICT), which we are able to provide owing to the infrastructure already in place. Cyberparks found in the country provide us with international connectivity.


The "Philippine Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Workforce Demand Survey 2004" confirms the rich IT talent pool of the Philippines.

The report was released during the 5th eServices Exposition held at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City.

The Filipinos rated high in customer service and other personal skills such as confidence, ability to handle stress, self-motivation, and ability to learn quickly.

Hospitality is definitely one of the most endearing qualities of Filipinos. We are known everywhere as a very hospitable people.

Due largely to our country's long association with Spain, Filipinos by nature are emotional and passionate about life.

Our overseas workers, whether they be nurses, engineers, entertainers or domestic helpers, are known the world over as hard-working, easy to get along with, and always ready to extend a helping hand.

Although we are not the only people in the world who can be friendly and welcoming, our attitude towards other people is said to be exceptional.

This is no less evident as early as one steps off a plane from our international airports and is greeted with cheers of "Mabuhay!"

In the Philippines, there will always be a friendly smile - from the young and old, a warm embrace, a welcoming home, and rich, delectable food to share.

We make our friends and visitors feel right at home, whether in the grandest of homes or in the humble confines of our nipa huts.

This form of hospitality truly comes from the heart, making the country the land of true smiling people.

Despite a struggling economy, dirty politics and never-ending poverty, it is a surprise to many foreign visitors how we continue to tackle these situations daily with a smile!

Filipinos takes time to understand people and after that, we go on to empathized with them, especially during times of great need.

Customer service is one of the things we do best. We bring our hospitality everywhere, even in cyberspace.

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